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Catherine Ingraham

'Architecture’s Theory'

Today’s conversation is with Catherine Ingraham and we’re discussing her latest book, Architecture’s Theory’. 

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Architecture’s Theory’ by Catherine Ingraham

We probably each had our own unique experience in school when first introduced to architectural theory. Those classes were probably somewhat opaque for all of us. Even today you might read new articles and books related to theory and find yourself trying to hold onto ideas like dry sand in your hands. Over time, I’ve come to recognize that important concepts are often intrinsically slippery and unstable. Unlike the rest of your education up to that point which placed value on collecting and memorizing information, theory’s strength really only comes into focus when it can be applied to a circumstance you’re carrying with you. Theory isn’t there to give you answers, but as Catherine Ingraham discusses in our conversation, theory provides us with methodological instruments’ to question our assumptions of the governance and systems we’re working within. Catherine Ingraham’s book helped me to better understand this point and it was great speaking with her for the program. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did!

Architecture’s Theory’ MIT Press

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Catherine Ingraham

Catherine Ingraham is a Professor of Architecture in the Masters of Architecture Program at Pratt Institute, which she started and chaired for six years. Dr. Ingraham has periodically been a visiting faculty member at the GSD, Harvard University, and GSAPP, Columbia University. A former editor of Assemblage, she is the author of Architecture’s Theory (2023), Architecture, Animal, Human (2006), and Architecture and the Burdens of Linearity (1998). She has received numerous fellowships and has lectured at conferences and universities worldwide. 

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