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Sava Zivkovic

Tools for Stories

Today’s conversation is about the potential impact of new tools in video games on architecture. 


Irradiation’ by Sava Zivkovic (film still)

As architects, we have no shortage of external pressures we need to be aware of and engage. From climate change to new forms of communication technologies and social justice to name only three …the list is long and at times overwhelming to think about. Many of these issues that we’re looking to better understand are not new, but how we tackle them today and intertwine a few of them together probably should be. So, it would make good sense for architecture to keep an eye out for tools and techniques that might allow us to engage such pressures in novel ways. One of them that interests me in particular is video games. I’ve discussed this with guests in the past including author Aubrey Anable and curator Boris Magrini, but today is with film director Sava Zivkovic. Zivkovic doesn’t use the software to make video games but instead movie films and this is because of the efficiency of the software with its real-time rendering. Tools that offer efficiency to a process often have a negative connotation for creativity. But in the case of the gaming software we’re seeing today, I think it’s opening the doors for something altogether novel for the architect. And that’s social interaction with design. You might call this a storyline, an interface between people and space. I’m not sure. But today is a conversation with how a director is using these tools and it will be up to the architect to see how far we can push these opportunities. 

Sava Zivkovic

Sava Zivkovic is a director based in Belgrade, Serbia. His directing work includes critically acclaimed and award-winning short films like IRRADIATION, HUXLEY, FREIGHT, and IFCC. As a director for Axis Studios, he has created game cinematics for Dead Island 2, Diablo Immortal, Outriders, Solium Infernum, Destiny 2 and Gears of War 5. 

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