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Bradley Cantrell


Bradley Cantrell

Brad is the Chair of the Landscape Architecture program at the University of Virginia. Bradley Cantrell is a landscape architect and scholar whose work focuses on the role of computation and media in environmental and ecological design.He has held academic appointments at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, The Rhode Island School of Design, and the Louisiana State University Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture. His work in Louisiana over the past decade points to a series of methodologies that develop modes of modeling, simulation, and embedded computation that express and engage the complexity of overlapping physical, cultural, and economic systems. Cantrell’s work has been presented and published in a range of peer-reviewed venues internationally including ACADIA, CELA, EDRA, ASAH, and ARCC.Brad is the co-author of the book Responsive Landscapes’ with Justine Holzman. And co authored of the paper‘ Designing Autonomy: Opportunities for New Wildness in the Anthropocene’ with Laura J. Martin, and Erle C. Ellis.

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