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Pilot 003

'Let's Play a Game'

The Year is 3030’ - Over load speaker 

Umm..No it’s not. 

Someone is having a little fun with the public park. (‘The Year is 3030’…repeated in background) 

Last week someone setup a way for the park to read the calendars on people’s phones as they walked by and then tell them that their next appointment was starting in 5 min. 

You don’t really need to trick everyone, I guess. You just need one person to completely lose their mind and go into a public panic for the whole thing to be worth it. 

At the moment, a local artist is collaborating with the astrobiology Department over at the university to demonstrate what plant life might look like on alien planets. Just tune to the right AR channel and you can see their works. It even has sounds you can pick up if you get close enough. Plants talking to each other I think or maybe to other species? Maybe to us? 

Simple enough except for the fact that someone with the username Tigerbelly2000 made their own sculpture garden on their channel and the two are currently bleeding into each other…so well. It looks like the park is giving you the middle finger. Not just once, but … several hundred times. 

The overlap works a little too well if you ask me. Did I mention that if you listen really closely to the plants communicating with each other you also get this? (Low screams are heard coming from the plant.) … Yeah! 

This new little pocket park for the most part does what they said it would. A local spot where people in the neighborhood can share and swap information. It’s not connected to the internet. You can only access the system if you’re physically present. There’s another one of these parks across town that looks a lot like this one, but obviously with different people living around there and so a different flavor of information. It makes for an interesting type of vernacular. Notice boards, recipes, these art installations and various other collaborations. It’s a little hive mind for the community around it. Basically, a 21C library / community bulletin board I suppose? 

I’m not having much luck fixing these giant FU’s from Alpha Centauri. Maybe no one will notice? Ahhg, who am I kidding, the parents of the neighborhood kids will notice. They’re the worst. But then again…How do we know for certain that this isn’t what plants on other planets actually look like? Next week the artist / university team is bringing on an entomologist to updated the installation with various alien insects and creatures that might live around such alien plants. Do you see the theme here? Yeah, I think we’re going to see a lot of this in the coming months here. 

Tigerbelly2000 is going to have a field day with that. 

Oh, for F.… God dammit!! 

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