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This week is a conversation with philosopher Graham Harman. We talk about his introduction of Object Oriented Ontology (or OOO) and it’s potential influence on the discipline of architecture.


Those unfamiliar with architectural education might be surprised to learn that there is a history of philosophy influencing architectural practice. In this episode, we discuss what some of the core principles of OOO are before delving in what some of the influences OOO might be having on architecture today, and possibly vise versa. Graham Harman currently teaches at a school of architecture and I thought this opened the discussion to talk more about giving form and aesthetics to a philosophical approach. Philosophy can help the architect to better understand opportunities and limitations in developing ones work, but this can also lead to prematurely formalizing complex ideas into architectural forms that might limit further discourse development between the two. Graham was very open and willing to take the conversation wherever it finally led us, and it was a pleasure speaking with him.

Graham Harman

Graham Harman is an American philosopher and academic. He is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angeles. His work on the metaphysics of objects led to the development of object-oriented ontology.

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