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Today’s conversation is with Brain Fagan who is a Climate Archeologists and author of the book Climate Chaos’ which we’ll be talking about today. 

Brian Fagan

Climate Chaos, Lessons on Survival from Our Ancestor’ by Brain Fagan

Today’s conversation covers a range of topics related to past climatic changes around the world and the importance that relatively recent advancements in technology have had in allowing archeologists to better understand our past as it relates to changing environments and just how resilient humans have been in the past. It was a pleasure to speak with him. You’ll hear in our conversation just how passionate he is about this work and it was great to talk a little about how much a discipline like his has changed over the course of his own career.

Brian Fagan

Brain Fagan is one of the world’s leading archaeological writers and an internationally recognized authority on world prehistory. He is a Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Anthropology at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and the author of several widely read books on ancient climate change. including The Little Ice Age’ and of course Climate Chaos’.

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