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Chris McAlorum

The Enabled Landscape

Today we’re discussing Chris McAlorum’s writings about augmented reality and cartography; something that he refers to as the Enabled Landscape’.

Ireland has a 170 year old history that the Irish geographer J.H. Andrews refers to as a paper landscape’. This was a detailed mapping survey that recorded not only the likes of topography or infrastructure, but also information including the fashion of the people in the areas. As you’ll hear in the discussion, these mapped recordings were shaped in large part by a unique group of workers that were involved in producing and recording these maps. These surveys of the landscape would go on to influence the writings of Ireland’s and the worlds greatest authors including James Joyce, Samuel Beckett and Seamus Heaney.

Chris’s work and our discussion then moves into the potential use of augmented reality and how people might in the future interact and engage with this landscape with these new tool using this paper landscape’ as a reference point.

The episode addresses less about the technology and more about who records information, what information can be recorded and how this information is shared.

Chris McAlorum

Chris is a public servant within Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland Directorate, Northern Ireland Civil Service as well as a guest writer for San Francisco based Venture Beat.

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